Nestle to introduce organic food line in Brazil


Nestle SA is all set to launch its first organic food line in Brazil in the coming weeks, as the world’s biggest food company makes a global push to capture growing interest in healthy and organic products.


Nestle was planning to sell 1 million boxes of organic oatmeal and oat bran products in the country this year.


The company’s previously unannounced foray into Brazil’s organic foods segment is relatively minor in global terms. Each box of oatmeal and bran has a suggested price of 6.99 reais ($2.16), meaning the company projects slightly over $2 million of sales in the first year. But the move fits into a more ambitious organics growth program by Nestle.


The company has been actively developing a number of organic products in various distinct units in Brazil, while looking at acquisitions that could increase Nestle’s presence in the country’s still-modest organic foods market.


The company should launch organic milk offerings in the first quarter of 2019 and Nestle also has an internal startup in Brazil developing organic-based snacks.

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