DuPont develops new strengthener for bakery products


DuPont has announced the development of its PowerBake 6000 product which is based on a new enzyme that acts as a strengthening solution, adding tolerance and consistency in bread and buns.


Developed through DuPont’s nutritional and health division, the product is said to enhance dough strength. Used in combination with other enzymes and ingredients, the range of strengtheners can provide food manufacturers with a variety of new options and capabilities in the development of their baked goods.


According to DuPont, capabilities from the solution include: enhancing the emulsification process, creating a synergistic dough strengthening effect, improving tolerance to processing variations and raw materials, increasing the volume of the final product, and improving crumb structure and whiteness.


The company states that the versatility of the PowerBake 6000 range can help food manufacturers address many of the issues they are facing in the development of their baked goods.

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