After rule amendments US chicken legs set to enter into Indian market

entery in indian market

American chicken legs are all set to foray into the, following the recent modifications made by the government in the health certification requirement for imported poultry items from the United States, which are in line with the suggestions made by the country. 

Recently, the World Trade Organization (WTO) had ruled against India’s import restrictions on poultry and poultry products citing avian influenza, on grounds that it was inconsistent with the National Treatment Principle under the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).  Subsequently, India modified its rules related to imports to meet the US requirements. 

Chicken legs are cheaper in the US and they want to export it. Imported chicken legs, in spite of the custom duties, can be sold at a cheap price in India, according to some industry experts. However, others pointed out that the industry need not worry about the same. 

Showing concern over the impact of chicken legs on the Indian poultry industry, Kotaiah, who is dependent on poultry farming, said, “The World Trade Agreement was prepared by surplus countries to dump their surplus on developing countries. When WTO was formed, Asia was starting poultry production and the United States and Brazil were already reeling under surpluses, which were affecting their local prices. They had to dump the surplus somewhere.”

However, on the contrary, the commerce ministry does not feel it will impact the domestic market adversely.

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