International Women’s Day- Dr Radhika Ganesan


Dr. Radhika Ganesan, the President of Association of Health, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics


The strong foundation of her profound knowledge is complemented with the trainings from reputable organizations such as Centre for Food Technology and Research Institute (Mysore) and in addition she was also a visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health (United States of America) under the guidance Prof Walter Willett and Prof Frank Hu. Her indomitable eagerness in the field of food and nutrition enabled to undergo vigorous training programs like food pattern analyses at Lund University, Sweden; new food product developmental activities at DFRL, Mysore, Glycemic Index and Satiety Testing, under the supervision of Professor Jeya Henry, Oxford Brookes University, UK.


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Dr. Radhika Ganesan shares some personal space with NuFFooDS Spectrum-


My daily routine-

As soon as I wake up, will do 15 minutes yoga, 15 minutes walking, will drink 2 glasses of water with lemon. For breakfast I always prefer south Indian dishes like Idly, sambar,dhosa chutney made of brown rice,. And I have a work schedule of 8 hours job, Peppered with smiles and laughs and socializing. My lunch is rice (Hand pounded rice), sambar, fish and in the evening, I take time to have my snacks. I have habit of walking for 30 minutes to 45 minutes during evening. I usually take my dinner before 8pm is Chappathi and will have between 8.30 pm and 9.00 pm after which will go to sleep.


My idea of fitness and nutrition-

Both Nutrition and Fitness gives me Self-confidence, also helps to lead a healthy life style. I strive for both mental and physical fitness. My diet and exercise give me stamina during tough times in office and see me through the day till bed time.


My favorite cuisine-

Biriyani, Dhal rice and fish


My favorite holiday spot-

Munnar, Kerala


My idea of balance between personal and professional life-

I like socializing very much. So even in my personal and professional life, it gives the great balance. I resolve issues for my colleagues when they are in a fix and expect them to help me as well having healthy interpersonal relations with my colleagues in office spending time with my mother, taking time with my children. I socialize a lot by visiting old age homes, orphanages and club activities.


My role model-

My role model is my mother. I lost my father when I was 6 days older. I grew up by looking my Mother. She is the one strong women I’m seeing for these many years since was I born.

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