IARI researchers develop bio-fortified maize


A team of researchers at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have developed a maize variety which is rich in both Vitamin A and essential amino acids through the process of plant breeding. The hybrid varieties of maize currently grown in India, though rich in essential amino acids – lysine and tryptophan – are poor in vitamin A.


The team has come up with a new hybrid variety of maize through crossing. It contains natural variations of three genes – beta-Carotene Hydroxylase, Lycopene-eta-Cyclase and Opaque2 – required for production of high amount of vitamin A and the two essential amino acids. The new varieties have 4.5 folds more vitamin A content and similar amounts of lysine and tryptophan as earlier varieties.


The researchers believe that the bio-fortified high-yielding maize hybrid could help address micronutrient malnutrition. This bio-fortified maize can help in overcoming vitamin A deficiency in India. However, it is essential to sensitise farmers, policymakers and seed traders about this new development so that it can be commercially released.

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