AGIS wants union ministry for green economy

Green association

Association of Green Industries and Services (AGIS) aims to bring together green businesses from all over the city, state and the country on a single platform, so as to make them heard not only among people, but also policy makers.

Initiated by Sunil Kumar Sood, a certified energy auditor and one of the directors of AGIS, the association is taking baby steps now, with 15 companies and 65 individuals.

Besides holding on-ground events, road shows and seminars to raise awareness for sustainable living, the association is proposing a ministry at the Center for green economy.

“We held a five-day workshop on the different aspects of green economy that included waste management, composting, and sustainable menstruation among other segments. The entire workshop was over WhatsApp, where experts and green enthusiasts debated what initiatives are required in a green economy,” said Sood.

It was during discussions on the forum, which saw over 200 participants, that the need for a separate ministry was felt.

“As an association, we will be now approaching political leaders who believe in our ideology and can take this forward at the Center,” he said.‘Over attention’ to solar energy is one of the challenges that green businesses facing now a days.

A not-for-profit company AGIS also wants to build an online marketplace for green business to sell their products and services.

“Currently, there is no single ecommerce platform that is available. We are working to build one. It will include domains like energy conservation and efficiency, waste management, hand looms, natural replacements to plastics, green building materials, organic foods, green events, zero waste services afforestation, among many others,” he said.


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