Organic India introduces new products in Oman


With an aim to have healthy lifestyle through the good old tea, Organic India has introduced a range of products in Oman at the Passage to India restaurant recently.


A wide range of products including 11 varieties of tea, organic honey, organic ghee (clarified butter), virgin coconut oil as well as food supplements such as wheatgrass, moringa and psyllium husk were showcased. In the coming months, a variety of organic spices, pulses, rice and oils will also be made available in the Oman market.


Currently, this range is exclusively available at The Sultan Centre and is proving to be extremely popular with the customers.

Barakat Muscat International is the exclusive distributor for the products by Organic India in Oman. Barakat Muscat International has endeavoured to introduce brands in Oman that are not only established but lead a healthy lifestyle.

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