Tube tech Launches Plans to Revolutionise Food and Beverage Production Maintenance


Industrial cleaning specialist Tube Tech International has announced that it is diversifying into a series of new industrial sectors relating to the production of consumables with its Rotaflex industrial cleaning system.


Now, the patented industrial cleaning system will be available to the food processing, beverage production brewing and distillery industries.


Rotaflex was developed by tube maintenance experts within parent company Tube Tech to meet the precise specification required by the milling industry.


By removing all fouling from all tube types, without damage and without the need for fumigants, the patented system has allowed Rotaflex to innovate in industries which had previously remained heavily reliant on chemicals and pull-through brushes.


Having established its position as a global leader in mill spout cleaning, the patented Rotaflex system will now offer the same unrivalled hygiene levels, without chemicals and fumigants, to industries directly involved in the production of food and beverages.


Mike Watson, CEO of Tube Tech International said, “We are excited to take Rotaflex into further markets in which hygiene and performance is paramount. Rotaflex has already proven itself to be the most cost effective cleaning product available in the milling industry, and its ability to provide an unrivalled level of industrial cleaning without chemicals and fumigants makes the food and beverage production industries the perfect next step.


“Not only does Rotaflex offer optimum hygiene levels, the system removes the possibility of chemical residues that have the potential to affect the taste and odour of end product. Plus, as a one-man operation which is easy-to-use, in-situ and in-house, Rotaflex is a solution which creates cost benefits for any industry.”

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