Gourmet Passport enters Hyderabad market

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Gourmet Passport, a fine dining App, after its successful run in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai, has made an entry into the Nizami city of Hyderabad.


Launching the dining App, its Founder and Mentor, Rocky Mohan, outlined plans to go ‘pan-India’ by next year by covering Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and some other select cities.


Rocky Mohan said, “We expect the tech savvy city of Hyderabad that relishes food and savours cuisines, would be able to gain from this App. Today, diners are looking to interact with their most loved restaurants digitally and on the move and this adds to their convenience,” reports the hindubusinessline.


To start with, Gourmet Passport lists 50 top-rated fine dining restaurants in Hyderabad and the platform will keep adding new restaurant partners throughout the year.


The App, available on IOS and Android platforms, offers one plus one in restaurants. These include buffet, main course and drinks.


Siddharth Mohan, who is part of the promoter group, said, “Launch of Gourmet Passport in Hyderabad will give connoisseurs an access to the best fine dining deals at a click. The dynamic nature of the platform also means that newer restaurants will keep getting added to the list enhancing value derived by the user.”


Under the Gourmet Passport, currently nearly 450 plus five star and top rated stand alone restaurants and bars are listed on it. While it lists more than 1,500 offers from restaurants in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and now in Hyderabad, it has more than 2,00,000 customers who have dined using the App with more than 1,00,000 redemptions.


After downloading the App, and registering with it and paying annual fee, users get coupons for each new restaurant that gets added to the App. All the deals available on the Gourmet platform work throughout the week with some exclusions.

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