Grab launches a food delivery service in Singapore, GrabFood

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Ride-hailing firm Grab has launched its own food delivery service, GrabFood in Singapore.

In March, Uber sold its SouthEast Asia business to Grab. A part of this deal was Ubereats, which was used by Grab to build GrabFood. The service will also be launched in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand after making it available in Singapore.

“As we build out an everyday app that offers transport, food and package delivery and mobile payments, Grab is focused on creating a seamless experience and unlocking value for our customers by offering complementary services on one platform. From the moment you wake up, you can plan and book your entire journey across different transport modes in one tap, shop and receive discounts on-the-go, and have your favourite foods and shopping delivered right to your doorstep – all enabled by one mobile wallet, within one everyday app. This is the future we are building towards and we look forward to working with industry players and governments to innovate and realise this vision together,” said Mr. Lim Kell Jay, Head of Grab Singapore.

“GrabFood is a major milestone in our journey to becoming the everyday app for consumers. The launch of GrabFood in Singapore will bring a wide range of dining options to more consumers, and provide more income opportunities for local merchants and delivery-partners. With GrabFood, we want to serve every palate and craving, and provide a platform for food vendors to come online and reach a wider customer base. We see huge potential in helping vendors here reap incremental benefits and enjoy an increase of orders via GrabFood. This mutually beneficial ecosystem is what we aim to achieve here in Singapore,” added James Ong, Head of GrabFood Singapore.

The service is in beta right now and available in Singapore. Grab has partnered with thousands of merchant-partners and will serve local and international cuisine. “There is a S$250-300 million total addressable market in Singapore for food delivery, and an estimated 4,000 restaurants and 12,000 hawkers stalls that are not yet served by food delivery apps. GrabFood will bring more food vendors online to offer the widest selection of cuisines and local delights for consumers, and more revenue opportunities for merchants,” said Grab in a statement.


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