KTR signs MoU to support Halal certification consultants


The Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) recently announced that it is increasing its support for exporting companies in need of Halal certification by signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with multiple global Halal consulting providers.

KTR President Byun Jong-rip signed an MOU with ARK in Singapore so that such South Korean companies can obtain Halal certificates with greater ease across the world. Previously, the KTR concluded an MOU with AnsarComp with regard to the JAKIM certification in Malaysia.

ARK is a global Halal certification consultant headquartered in Britain and running branches in Singapore, Indonesia, Germany and Australia. AnsarComp is a Malaysian Halal certification consultant.


Based on these MOUs, South Korean companies exporting their products to Islamic countries have only to work with the KTR, without having to contact local agencies, in obtaining a Halal certificate. The MOUs are expected to facilitate their business in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in particular, where related regulations are being strengthened regarding food, cosmetics, etc.

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