Parmalat Canada launches recyclable and resealable milk bottles


Lactantia PūrFiltre milk, with its fresh taste and superior quality is now available in unique, easy to handle bottles. 


They are specially designed to protect the fresh taste of the filtered milk like never before.


As a leading industry innovator with consumer needs in mind, Parmalat Canada breaks new ground yet again: as of July, it will become the first major dairy processor to feature 1.5 L milk bottles that are resealable and recyclable.


The bottles are easier to use and help protect the freshness of the milk for an even longer period of time, without the use of additives or preservatives.


The new containers will make a gradual entry on Canada’s key markets starting in July. The new format, developed to better meet the lifestyles of today’s consumers, will be made available in all Lactantia PūrFiltre product lines. Lactose-free and organic products will also be offered in the new 1.5 L size.


The products will be bottled at a cutting-edge Canadian plant in Brampton, as always with milk supplied entirely by Canadian producers, whose equipment and facilities meet and exceed the highest of industry standards.


The introduction of the new PET bottles BPA-free certified, easily resealable and with a refined, contemporary design is the culmination of three years of intense R&D by Parmalat Canada at its Canadian Research and Development Centre.

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