Liqui-Box launches new SealGard packaging film


 Global liquid packaging solutions provider Liqui-Box announced the launch of their new SealGard bag-in-box dairy film. SealGard utilizes state-of-the-art resin technology focusing on a step change in durability and performance across key performance criteria.


The SealGard film’s durability performance is optimized for refrigerated product applications, a valuable benefit to dairy suppliers globally.


The refrigerated drop test performance has demonstrated a staggering 200% improvement compared to current industry standard dairy films and a 380% improvement to impact resistance.


These improvements have been accomplished using higher performance resins that also translated to lighter bags, therefore saving on inbound freight costs by as much as 25%. These improvements will lead to fewer leakers both off the filler and in the field.


Liqui-Box continues to refine their products to support reduced waste and optimized distribution efficiency. With a commitment to sustainability, superior performance, and economical solutions, they remain a trusted source for bag-in-box solutions throughout the dairy industry.

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