IBM gets patent for coffee delivery drone


Researchers of IBM secured the patent for a coffee drone. A coffee drone that drops off coffee and monitors certain facial, body, and biometric data to decide or predict when people nearby may be in the mood for a pick-me-up.  


The patent, filed in the United States, where the process can cost thousands of dollars, describes several variations of a drink delivery drone. In one example, coffee is dispensed from the drone directly into a worker’s mug.


Another option describes hot drinks delivered in a sealed bag, to prevent any scalding drips.


The device could be used in an office, cafe or event setting, where a preordered cup would be delivered to the drinker or where a thirsty individual would flag it down.


That is to say, it could either connect to your FitBit to determine if you’re losing steam, or it could even just use a camera to notice you’re nodding off based on your body language.


Then it would use Bluetooth or other GPS data from a device like your phone to ensure it’s flying over to the right person.

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