Nestle to develop tea based fertilizer


Nestlé has launched a new scheme in Pakistan which aims to develop a zero-waste, tea-based fertiliser, and is looking for partners to help create the new product.


Nestlé EveryDay, one of the biggest tea creamers in Pakistan, and Nestlé’s innovation platform HENRi@Nestlé will lead the scheme, which aims to simultaneously reduce tea waste and increase agricultural yields by creating the tea-based solution.


The initiative is looking for start-ups, innovators, waste management companies, or other corporate partners to help create the game-changing product, and the project will consist of three phases.


Firstly, the project will aim to establish a viable method to procure wasted tea, and the second stage will see Nestlé EveryDay collaborate with a partner to convert collected tea into a fertiliser, preferably through a composting process.


The final stage will see the product commercialised and sold to farmers in Pakistan as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly fertiliser.


The project will initially be piloted in Pakistan, and will be expanded into other tea producing countries such as China and India in the future.

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