Epi Ingredients introduces first ever protein ingredient


French supplier Epi Ingredients has entered the protein ingredient segment by releasing its first protein concentrate for manufacturers, called Epiprot 60 UL.


Epiprot 60 UL is derived from milk protein concentrate, and can be incorporated into a wide range of applications such as cheese, yogurt, quark, beverages etc.


Containing 60% native protein, the ingredient is produced from fresh milk using an ultra-low heat process which preserves the 80:20 casein:native whey protein ratio to create optimum nutritional properties for manufacturers.


Epi Ingredients claims that the ingredient offers strong gelling, emulsifying and water retention capabilities, and also gives products an enhanced creamy taste and a rich mouthfeel.


The company will release an unspecified concept product which utilises the ingredient in the near future, and will release further details on the new concept this month.

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