Nestle to launch organic breakfast cereal variants

organic breakfast

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), the maker of Nestlé breakfast cereals, has launched organic versions of its Chocapix, Cheerios and Nesquik cereals, as consumer demand for organic products rises.


Organic versions of these cereals will be available in France, Spain and Portugal starting from September 2018.


Each cereal is officially certified as organic, contains whole grain and is free from artificial colours and preservatives.


CPW says that the new organic cereals give parents “a convenient way to access tasty organic breakfast cereals, from the brands already trusted and enjoyed by families across the world.”


David Clark, CEO of Cereal Partners Worldwide said: “At CPW we believe breakfast is the foundation for a better future. We are committed to continuously innovating and adapting our products to ensure every bowl of our breakfast cereal gives consumers the best possible start to their day.


“We know that consumers’ preference for organic products has grown over the last few years. Organic cereal options for the entire family remain limited.


“We are excited that the launch of the Organic Nestlé
Breakfast Cereal range addresses the need for tasty and fun options, providing parents with a high quality, a nutritious choice that the family will love to eat.”


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