Naturex showcases plant-based ingredients at Supply Side West


Naturex will showcase a selection of cutting-edge plant-based health and wellness solutions at this year’s SupplySide West Expo (Las Vegas, November 8-9, 2018). Exhibiting on Booth #5157, the company will reveal exciting new clinical results for ULTIMINE Iron, a whole food iron obtained from fermentation by koji culture. There will also be a focus on the clinically validated heart health benefits delivered by Aronox aronia extract and SWEOAT oat beta-glucan.

ULTIMINE Iron offers slow release and high bioavailability

Developed through a partnership between Naturex and Cura Global Health Inc, ULTIMINE Iron is a whole food iron obtained from koji (Aspergilus oryzae) using a patented fungal fermentation process. Three clinical studies have shown that it is highly bioavailable and is released slowly into the blood. The latter benefit is unique and important, because most iron supplements in the market are absorbed quickly, potentially leading to iron overload.

ULTIMINE Iron is the first generation of products within a proprietary koji fermentation platform that aims to develop whole food nutrients with better efficacy. The second generation of products, ULTIMINE Multi 7, is already available on the US market and provides 25% of the RDI for seven nutrients within a small dosage.

ULTIMINE is the perfect solution for consumers who want to get their nutrients in a gentler way and who are increasingly aware of the health benefits of fermented products.

Effective heart health solutions derived from aronia and oats

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s leading cause of death. The challenge for the nutraceutical industry is to find affordable, effective and natural ways to help consumers maintain healthy cardiovascular functions. At the show, Naturex will highlight two plant-based solutions for heart health applications, both of which are supported by extensive clinical research:

• Aronox, an extract of aronia that delivers heart health benefits, with significant improvements observed within just one month of use. Its effects have been evaluated and described in a number of peer-reviewed clinical studies, which relate directly to aronia’s capacity to address the two key markers for CVD – high blood pressure and cholesterol.

• SWEOAT Bran, a high-quality oat fiber bran ingredient rich in beta-glucan. There is a large body of clinical science supporting the ability of oat beta-glucan to reduce cholesterol, which has resulted in health claims approvals by FDA. Multiple studies have also demonstrated that consuming oat beta-glucan contributes to the reduction of blood glucose rise after a meal. This makes it the dietary ingredient of choice for consumers looking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

“Consumers are instinctively attracted to natural health ingredients that are backed by gold standard clinical studies,” said Timothée Olagne, Naturex’s Health & Wellness VP. “Within our research program, we are constantly screening and selecting ingredients that have shown superior effects on issues that matter to consumers, such as cardiovascular health and iron levels. Aronox, SWEOAT oat bran and ULTIMINE are proven nutraceutical solutions for consumers who want to take care of their health in a more natural way. Visitors to our booth at SupplySide West will have an opportunity to explore the potential of these plant-based health ingredients and find the right natural solutions for their nutritional products.”

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