Guna Nutraceuticals promotes digestive health with Integral Probiotics dietary supplement


Guna Nutraceuticals, Italian manufacturers mission’s been to manufacture and distribute natural medicine and nutraceutical products since 1983, provide the American consumer with a unique line of seven high-quality products including Integral Probiotics.

Integral Probiotics is an easy-to-use symbiotic dietary supplement mixing probiotics and prebiotics that improve the implantation of live microbial strains in the gastrointestinal tract by stimulating growth and activating the metabolism of health-promoting bacteria.

Probiotics can help restore balance among unhealthy levels of bacteria. The microbiota of the gastrointestinal system is the set of microorganisms found in the human digestive system, which plays an essential role for human life.

“According to scientists, the human organism is rather a ’super-organism’, as it comprises a number of bacteria that is almost three times the total number of cells in the human body, and at least four million different types of bacteria, which live in close ’mutualistic’ contact with the intestinal mucosa,” Alessandro Pizzocaro, Guna Nutraceuticals CEO, said. “To have a better idea, the human body has about 40,000 billion cells and about 110,000 billion bacteria.”

Bacteria in probiotics are freeze-dried, and when taken as supplement, they warm in the digestive system where they become fully active. Probiotics secrete protective substances boosting the immune system and preventing major diseases. Some people also take probiotics to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms like gas, bloating and constipation.

“For years, it was believed that killing bacteria was the right thing to do against illness and antibiotics were overused, with the intention of sterilizing the gastrointestinal tract,” Pizzocaro said. “Then, the opposite was done with generalized probiotic treatments to help the proliferation of bacteria. Integral Probiotics focuses on a new type of intervention by selecting microbiota.”

Integral Probiotics is an allergy-free tested, gluten-free and non-GMO dietary supplement that comes in the form of 30 sachets to be dissolved in water. Its unique combination of ingredients maintains a healthy and balanced microbiota, promotes regular bowel movements and the normal functioning of the intestinal transit by supporting intestinal flora balance. In addition, it provides an intake of two billion probiotic living cells.

This product can be used by children, elderly, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Guna Nutraceuticals recommends consumers to take one sachet per day dissolved in a half glass of water before any meal.

Integral Probiotics can be combined with Gut Support, another top Guna Nutraceuticals product that promotes gut health and maintains the immune system and general state of health.

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