Atradius, Kemiex launches first online trade platform

digital trading

Atradius and Kemiex launch a digital trading platform for raw materials in the pharma, vet, food and feed industries. This new digital marketplace enables buyers and sellers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and additives to identify reliable trade partners and to trade safely. Atradius will offer support by providing credit risk insight and trade insurance for trade partners.

The platform has been designed as an alternative for existing trading procedures that are often time-consuming, prone to errors and might be limited to personal networks. Atradius and Kemiex also anticipate on the need in the human and animal health and nutrition industries to comply with strict regulations relating to quality control. Atradius contributes to the safety and transparency of the platform by providing trade insurance for single transactions through one click on the Kemiex platform.

The users of the platform are instantly connected with a worldwide network of qualified parties, enabling them to shorten the procedures for transactions, to agree on competitive prices and to remain in control during the process of trading. The main benefit is that buyers and sellers can do business with reliable parties that comply with relevant regulations and quality controls and are credit worthy.

Kemiex estimates whether a company on the platform complies with quality standards, whereas Atradius analyses the credit worthiness of those acting on the platform. Together, they evaluate companies, their transactions and the behaviour of traders in order to ensure that transacting on the platform is as safe as possible.

Isidoro Unda, CEO of Atradius: “This strategic partnership is an excellent proof of our capabilities to create innovative solutions for our customers and develop new business around credit insurance. It is our responsibility to be at the forefront of digitalization and help our clients succeed in their global trade.”

Pau Franquet, CEO of Kemiex: “Almost hundred early adopter companies from pharma, vet, food and feed industries are excited to use this unprecedented feedstock trading solution in their procurement or distribution units. While there are other matchmaking solutions for certain aspects of the sourcing process, we are confident to say that Kemiex is the first integrated online trading platform providing safe trading with reliable counterparties, worldwide.”

The collaboration between Atradius and Kemiex is an important milestone in the use of the latest technology in order to provide customers with innovative solutions. Kemiex makes use of the latest trends in the field of digitization, connectivity, big data and social functions in order to offer users a new experience.

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