Nestle Maggi initiates scheme to tackle plastic pollution


With an aim of fighting the plastic menace in the country, Nestle has initiated a ‘’Maggie wrapper return’ scheme for its instant noodle brand ’Maggi’


Under this scheme, people can get one free packet of Maggi noodles by giving away 10 empty wrappers at the retail shop.


Currently, the scheme is running on a pilot basis in two places in Uttarakhand.


Initially, the pilot project will be executed by the company with the help of 250 retailers in Dehradun and Mussoorie. Once the company has collected all the empty packets given by consumers, they will be disposed properly by the Indian Pollution Control Association.


According to the spokesperson of Nestle, “The initiative will help them to be responsible about managing the plastic waste.”


Nestle is expecting to change the way consumers throw away plastic packets every day.

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