Manuka Sport’s Raw Manuka Honey offers health benefits to athletes


Raw Manuka Honey is a great source of fuel. Its nectar is composed of 80 percent natural sugar, mostly fructose and glucose, two percent of minerals, vitamins, pollen and protein, and 18 percent of water. It also serves as an all-natural antioxidant as it is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids.


According to, Manuka honey contains almost every nutrient a person needs. Its high vitamin and mineral content separates it from other honeys. Research shows that “raw honey is an excellent option and extremely effective at restoring depleted glycogen levels in athletes.” The article added that “unlike dextrose powder, raw Manuka honey provides a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are crucial for optimal recovery.”


Tom Buckley, CEO of Manuka Sport, said “Raw Manuka honey, which is harvested from the New Zealand wilderness and extracted by bees, is all natural and offers a variety of health benefits to top athletes, weekend warriors and sports enthusiasts. It has an ideal ratio of Glucose-Fructose and is an ideal addition to your after-workout smoothie.”  


Manuka Sport has created a line of nutritional products that meet the needs of all athletes. Its product line includes Manuka Sport Energy Gels, and Manuka Sport Hydration + Energy powder mix.


Manuka Sport products are independently tested and certified for MG levels in the UK to the ISO17025 standard, and are certified free of banned substances and ingredients for elite athletes.


Manuka Sport is also certified by Informed-Choice, which assures that all products are made to the highest-quality standards.


“The incorporation of Manuka honey into the Manuka Sport line of products helps to significantly promote and improve gut health and decreases gastrointestinal stress and illness associated with endurance exercise,” Buckley said, adding that “Manuka Sport is the only sports performance nutritional product line that contains the natural benefits of Manuka honey.”

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