PureCircle plans sale of new stevia products


PureCircle, the world’s leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia sweeteners, announces that, after extensive R&D, it has identified high content of proteins, soluble fibers and antioxidants in the stevia plant and plans to begin the commercial production and sale of these new stevia ingredients in the second half of 2019.  PureCircle has nearly 400 patents and patents pending covering its proprietary stevia technology.


As the world’s largest supplier of high-grade stevia sweeteners and flavors to the global beverage and food industries, PureCircle uses significant amounts of stevia in producing those ingredients.  This new development — the production and sale of protein, fiber and antioxidants from stevia — will enable PureCircle to utilize much more of each stevia leaf.  As such, the company will be able to make each leaf “work harder.”


That will make PureCircle’s stevia use even more efficient, as it will spread the cost of stevia raw material across the newly expanded array of ingredients sold and to be sold by the company: sweeteners, flavors, fibers, antioxidants and protein. That ensures PureCircle will continue to provide ingredients to its customers at price points that are cost effective for them.  In addition, as all of these types of ingredients are in high demand by global food and beverage companies, PureCircle will now be able to offer them a portfolio of ingredients from the stevia plant.

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