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Dry fruits

The International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) has launched its Annual Call for Research Projects (300,000 euros) and Annual Call for Promotion and Dissemination Projects to fund research into the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits and spread the message around the globe. The grants are aimed at helping improve our understanding of the benefits of eating nuts and dried fruits and promoting their consumption, especially in developing countries. The invite is open to public and private institutions, as well as not-for-profit organizations.    


Besides the grants program, INC carries out “Nuts for a Healthier World” Global Dissemination Project, a solidarity campaign that aims to promote the health benefits of each nut and dried fruit. This project includes one main video and 16 videos with interviews featuring people from different parts of the world.


2018 Grant Awardees  

In the previous call, 3 projects were selected for funding, totalling 363,700 euros. The INC awarded funding to a clinical study on the relationship between dried fruit consumption and gut health as well as 2 promotion and dissemination projects. The projects were:


Research Grant Recipient:  

Project: “Optimising gut health: physiological, microbiological and metabolomic effects of dried fruit”. Principal Investigator: Prof. Kevin Whelan, King’s College London, UK.


Dissemination Grant Recipients:  

Nucis Italia. Project: “Nuts and the new dietary styles”.

Australian Nut Industry Council. Project: “Dissemination of results from the secondary analysis of nut consumption in the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey”.

By year-end, the INC will have provided nearly 2.8 million euros of funding for research and dissemination projects over the last six years.

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