Nestle signs pact with Chinese Agriculture University


Global food giant Nestle’s coffee center and Yunnan Agricultural University signed a memorandum of understanding to improve coffee plants in the city of Pu’er in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Both organisations use their combined expertise to cultivate preferred coffee tree varieties in the province.

Nestlé has been involved with coffee production in Yunnan for the last 30 years, and the company has successfully produced seven new coffee varieties at the Nestlé Coffee Center since 2012.

The partnership will see both organisations transplant new varieties to different regions of Yunnan to determine the most suitable varieties to plant throughout the region.

Lu Han, director of the Pu’er Tea and Coffee Industry Bureau, said: “Nestle has made outstanding contributions to the development of Pu’er coffee planting and created shared value.

“The Nestlé Coffee Center has been working to improve the industrial chain from seed to harvest to sales, quality and efficiency.

“The cooperation between Nestlé and the Yunnan Agriculture University will combine the international and local scientific and technological forces to promote the improvement of Pu’er coffee varieties and improve the quality of Pu’er coffee.

“This will help to further enhance the recognition and competition of Pu’er Coffee’s international market. Ability and ultimately bring more benefits to coffee farmers.”

Earlier today, Nestlé further expanded its coffee operations by investing $154 million in a new coffee plant in Veracruz, Mexico, which will process 20,000 tons of coffee per year.

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