Safe-T gets strategic biz from Israeli Beverage Company

beverage company

Safe-T®, a leading provider of software-defined access solutions for the hybrid cloud, today announced that one of its systems integrators received an order from the largest Israeli beverage company.


The ordered system is an extension of a system currently used by the beverage company, which integrates the Company’s SDE and SDA solutions for secure sharing of information through several methods, including granting internal and external users’ permissions to applications via the SDA solution.


The customer’s order includes licenses for all of its thousands of users, as well as an annual maintenance subscription for perpetual licenses.


Shahar Daniel, CEO of Safe-T, noted: “This is a strategic order for us. The beverage company is a longtime customer of ours, and they have now decided to use our innovative solutions to more deeply protect their systems. The ordered SDA solution aims to significantly reduce the organization’s exposure to attacks, without compromising remote access to its internal applications.”


Safe-T’s SDA solution is designed to provide organizations with end-to-end data protection by controlling both access and usage. Built on the Company’s patented secure reverse access technology, SDA reduces the organization’s attack surface by controlling and monitoring the entire application access lifecycle, including permissions.


The solution provides the customer’s external collaboration partners with access to internal organizational applications while using the organization’s authentication method to verify users’ credentials.


Safe-T’s SDA solution enables the company to determine which applications each user can access, as well as to restrict access to certain applications and services without any action required on the remote user’s machine.


Furthermore, SDA enables customers to publish any type of services and applications with no open ports required and allow bidirectional traffic over outbound connections.

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