Everytable ends investment aided by Kellogg Foundation


This investment will be used to further missions of both Everytable and the Kellogg Foundation

Everytable is a grab and go restaurant, whose mission is to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. Everytable aims to redefine the food landscape the same way McDonald’s did fifty years ago. However, this time, instead of burgers and fries, it is healthy, made-from-scratch food, at fast-food prices, that will enable all communities to have equitable access to quality food and help eliminate food deserts and food injustice.

Everytable is a social enterprise. Social enterprises are organizations that try to solve social problems through business, combining the heart of a nonprofit with the scalability and innovative potential of for-profits. Foundations, like the Kellogg Foundation, have been allowed to invest in social enterprises through PRI’s for almost 50 years, but only a tiny percentage of foundations deploy them. With Program-Related Investment (PRI) funding, these hybrid businesses could usher in a boom that would bridge society’s equity gaps.

Everytable is doing just that: bridging the gap in equality by addressing society’s food injustice. With this investment, Everytable will:

  • Pilot a franchise model which focuses on entrepreneurs of color from underserved communities owning stores;
  • Explore a new model designed to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP);
  • Run educational programming for students at California State University, Los Angeles around its new store (Everytable’s first store with a university) opening in January 2019. 

“The Kellogg Foundation is the gold-standard of foundations. Their innovative approach to equality and justice has improved countless lives and communities, and we at Everytable are honored by their confidence in our team, and our business model, which we believe has the potential to reshape the food system to make healthy food affordable and accessible for all,” says Sam Polk, Founder & CEO of Everytable.

Everytable is an evolved business model that uses great food, beautiful design, and a variable pricing model to succeed and help balance injustice. It has made a commitment to address the food injustice felt by millions throughout Los Angeles through its innovative food delivery platform and stores, with the potential to reach millions more across the country and beyond. To ensure that everyone can afford its meals, its unique pricing model enables every neighborhood to enjoy healthy, affordable meals.

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