Algaia announces commercial & development agreement with Gelymar


Both Gelymar and Algaia will market their products in the North American region through AIDP Inc., Algaia’s current US distributor

France based Algaia has announced a new, long-term commercial and development agreement with its strategic partner, Gelymar S.A., Chile.

As of January 2019, Algaia, a well-established global player in the field of alginate and specialty algae extracts, will not only continue to represent Gelymar in Europe for carrageenan (red seaweed extracts), but both companies have also decided to use a joint commercialization channel in the US.

Andres Hohlberg, CEO of Gelymar said, “Until recently, food or personal care manufacturers willing to have direct relationship with a one-stop-shop producer in the field of seaweed extracts had a limited choice. Gelymar and Algaia remain independent companies in term of equity but both companies share the same ethics, mind-sets and value proposition with their manufacturing facilities being located next to abundant fresh seaweed biomass. As we like to say, we both share the same ‘ethiquity’ in the way we serve the market in its evolution toward natural and sustainable sourcing.”

Fabrice Bohin, CEO of Algaia said, ”There are multiple synergies between both companies’ portfolios, and many customers in Europe had already expressed their satisfaction in obtaining both a full range of algae solutions and the proximity of regional R&D facilities and technical-commercial experts ‘speaking their own language. We have a long history of trustworthy collaboration and both companies share the same obsession for customer satisfaction, sustainable sourcing, waste valorization, environmental protection, CSR, highest industry standards, agility, and innovation spirit. As of now, our US customers will be able to benefit from these synergies as well.”

Both Gelymar and Algaia will market their products in the North American region through AIDP Inc., Algaia’s current US distributor. This agreement for North America will position Gelymar and Algaia as leading manufacturers of sustainable algae extracts for food, nutraceuticals and personal care products, offering an extensive range of algae ingredients. Their whole portfolio of solutions will be available through AIDP Inc.



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