Confectionery market in Poland


Research shows that purchasing power of Poles tends to grow.

Currently, the value of the confectionery market in Poland is estimated at PLN 13 billion, and including salty snacks and ice cream at PLN 17 billion. As for sweets (chocolate products, biscuits and confectionery), we manufacture 700 thousand tons per year and the situation in this area is stable.

Polish are optimistic about the future because the research conducted by KPMG shows that 91% of respondents buy sweets. Moreover, according to estimates of the above Nielsen research, the market of sweets and snacks is developing faster than the overall food basket category.

Last year an increase in the value of sales  was recorded in nearly all categories of sweets but the most dynamic growth was recorded among chocolate figurines and sets, muesli bars and biscuits.

The food market is dominated by the fit and “free from” trend.

 The market of sweets is very diverse and it comprises a wide range of products, which results from the customers’ preferences. There are consumers who are fond of traditional recipes and flavours, who prefer recognised brands that have been present on our market for many years and who remain faithful to them in their choices.

But there is a growing group of customers who are open to novelties and innovations, who follow trends and choose sweets that contain new ingredients, not used in this category before. The group also shows interest in pro-health sweets, among others: those with a reduced sugar content, with added vitamins and minerals, with a higher content of fibre and dried fruit.

It should be expected that the market for innovative products, including the so called “fit” products both in the categories of chocolates, biscuits and confectionery, will certainly grow. This is obviously a chance and motivation for the manufacturers to perfect their existing products and develop new ones.

Expectations consumers have towards confectionery manufacturers

What the consumers value most in sweets is their taste and quality. Therefore, our manufacturers do not accept compromise when it comes to meeting consumers’ expectations towards the offered products, both in terms of their health safety and quality or taste. Modern production plants and qualified staff guarantee that the expectations are fulfilled.


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