DBT calls for research proposals on geriatric nutrition

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With the aim of improving the nutrition and health of the elderly population in the country

The elderly population is rising rapidly in India and is estimated to be over 10% of the total potpulation. The process of ageing is associated with many changes in the body such as poor denition, loss of appetite and taste, reduced digestive capabilities, lower immunity levels, altered body composition, reduced bone strength, frailty, loss of muscle mass, along with the incidence of chronic disease.

With the aim of improving the nutrition and health of the elderly population in the country, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) proposes to support R&D proposals in the following research priority areas in the elderly:

  1. Characterization, Identifying Biomarkers, Role of nutrition, evaluating Interventions in: a) Sarcopenia & Frailty b) Cognitive Decline c) Anemia d) Osteopenia and Osteoporosis e) Immunosenescence f) Ophthalmic disorders
  2. Estimating Recommended Dietary Allowances of macronutrients (energy, protein) and micronutrients (iron, calcium, folate, vitamin D and vitamin B12 etc) in elderly.
  3. Measurement of Energy expenditure in elderly
  4. Measurement of Body composition in elderly.
  5. Operational research to formulate and implement food security programs in the elderly from the underprivileged section.
  6. Identifying factors (medical, physiological, social, psychological) contributing to poor nutrition in Elderly

Applications may be submitted by public and private universities, colleges, Institutes, non-profit organizations (recognized by DSIR as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)). Development of interdisciplinary collaborative research team with involvement of experts from relevant fields is encouoraged. The deadline for submission of full proposal is 26 th December 2019. 

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