Orig3n launches new vitamin genetic test kit


Exclusive Vitamin Product will be Tailored to Each User’s Genetic Results

Orig3n, a Boston-based company pioneering the future of wellness and health through genetics and biotechnology, has announced the launch of its new Vitamins genetic test, and a partnership with VitaminLab, which will provide consumers with a customized vitamin tailored to match their genetic results.

Orig3n’s new Vitamins genetic test analyzes genes that scientific research has found to be associated with essential vitamins and minerals. With these results, VitaminLab is able to produce a personalized vitamin for each individual user of Orig3n’s Vitamins genetic test, based on the user’s unique genetic predispositions.

“For those people who take several pills a day, not knowing whether they need them, the new Orig3n Vitamins genetic test will provide valuable information about the vitamins and minerals that a person actually may need,” said Robin Y. Smith, CEO of Orig3n. “Users will then be able to obtain only those supplements that their body may need, based on genetic science, and at a substantial cost savings to the typical trial and error approach. We’re incredibly excited about working with VitaminLab to offer consumers a daily vitamin that is directly tailored to their genetic results. Leveraging the power of genetic testing, users will be able to rely on insights that are scientifically validated, rather than trial-and-error methods or recommendations developed based on answers to a questionnaire.”

“VitaminLab was created with the goal of avoiding the one-size fits all approach that is generally used in the vitamin and supplements space and providing individuals with the exact supplements their body needs,” said Anton Solonnikov, CEO of VitaminLab. “The partnership comes at a great time, and we’re excited to launch alongside Orig3n’s new Vitamins genetic test kit and make the true custom vitamin solution available to Orig3n’s customers, helping them take another positive step towards improving their health.”

Users can purchase the Orig3n Vitamin genetic test and their personalized vitamins through www.orig3n.com and Orig3n’s LifeProfile mobile app. The test kit includes clear instructions, an easy-to-use cheek swab, and a prepaid return envelope. Users can download the LifeProfile app for free or register online at lifeprofile.orig3n.com to receive their personalized, in-depth report within 4 weeks of when Orig3n receives their swab. Orig3n processes all samples in its proprietary, CLIA-certified clinical laboratory and never shares, sells, or uses genetic information for any reason without a user’s consent.

The VitaminLab product adds to Orig3n’s growing marketplace of consumer products that are tailored to the results of its direct-to-consumer DNA tests, including beauty products, premade meals, and other lifestyle products.

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