Lassonde Industries collaborates with Tetra Pak


The paper straw made entirely of FSC-certified paper is recyclable

Canada headquartered Lassonde Industries has collaborated with Tetra Pak to release Oasis juice cartons with paper straws as part of a market test aimed at introducing a replacement solution for plastic straws.

For this project, Lassonde worked together with Tetra Pak, a world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, and the first packaging company to officially produce a paper straw in Europe for 200-mL multi-layer shelf-stable (aseptic) cartons in the summer of 2019.

The paper straw made entirely of FSC-certified paper is recyclable, like the carton made mostly of paper. The paper straw and the carton comply with the highest quality standards.

Jean Gattuso, President and Chief Operating Officer, Lassonde Industries Inc said, “In the past few months, we have committed to finding sustainable solutions for making our containers more ecoresponsible. This initiative is a first step in that direction. Lassonde is the first North American juice manufacturer to test paper straws for this type of container, a food packaging innovation.”

Among its other environmental initiatives, Lassonde has made sustained efforts in the past several years to reduce the weight of its packaging and decrease the amount of water used in its cooling and sanitization processes.

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