DSM launches awareness campaign on iron deficiency in Chennai


DSM’s Nu-Shakti feeds 5,000 Chennaites with Iron and Vitamins fortified lemon rice

On the occasion of Iron Deficiency Day on 26 November, Nu-Shakti a brand from Royal DSM – global science based company active in health, nutrition and sustainable living, launched a day-long campaign in Chennai to drive awareness about health issues caused by iron deficiency, as well as to highlight the importance of healthy iron levels and home food fortification.

As part of the campaign, radio talk shows were held with doctors and nutritionists, educating and empowering listeners to take charge of their health, and guiding them on how to make their daily food rich in micronutrients including iron through a balanced diet. Additionally, 5,000 people across Chennai were served lemon rice fortified with Nu-Shakti Powermix for Rice.

Alok Kohli, Business Director, DSM India said, “As per the National Family Health Survey data, during the period 1998–2016, over 50% of women aged 15–49 years had iron deficiency anemia. Nu-Shakti is committed to building a sustainable food system for the Indian population by enabling easier access and convenience to nutritious food intake. The Iron Deficiency Day communications campaign is aimed at tackling India’s rising major health issues triggered by malnutrition and imbalanced dietary habits, especially anaemia.”

Based on the concept of home fortification, Nu-Shakti increases the micronutrient value of home cooked staple foods. This can help consumers achieve a healthier, more balanced diet without altering taste, and appearance of the food or changing dietary habits. Nu-Shakti product range includes Powermix for Rice (Fortified Rice Kernels), Powermix for Atta (Fortified Atta/flour), MixMe (Fortified orange flavored beverage mix) and Vitamins & Mineral Mix (micronutrient sprinkler powder.

Nu-Shakti products are available at select modern trade stores and kirana (retail) stores in Tamil Nadu. The products have been introduced at affordable per unit prices starting from Rs 5.

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