PureCircle unveils new stevia ingredient


New, great-tasting stevia leaf sweetener overcomes solubility challenges

PureCircle, the world’s leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia ingredients for the global beverage and food industries, announces a new development which will further support its customers in their creation of zero-added sugar and reduced-sugar products.  

PureCircle is now introducing a new stevia ingredient, which will be extremely valuable to beverage and food companies.  Called Sigma Syrup, this optimized blend of our next generation stevia leaf ingredients, including Reb M, is proprietary to PureCircle. Sigma Syrup provides superior taste and overcomes solubility challenges encountered when using other stevia sweeteners in products which are high in sweetness intensity, such as syrups and liquid tabletop sweeteners.  Sigma Syrup is made from the stevia leaf and is non-GMO. Like PureCircle’s Reb M next generation sweetener, Sigma Syrup has a clean, sugar-like taste.

Recently, PureCircle also announced a new proprietary varietal of stevia plants.  Carefully cultivated by PureCircle and successfully field-tested, this new stevia varietal naturally yields greater quantities of our great-tasting next generation stevia ingredients. This breakthrough —  increasing the effective yield of PureCircle’s stevia plants — enhances the company’s production efficiency, and further improves its ability to deliver a sustainable, cost effective supply of these next generation stevia leaf ingredients to food and beverage companies.  This allows brand owners to develop more accessible, healthier products for a wider range of consumer price points.

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