Pure Nutrition forays into skin and hair care


Launches 4 new products

India’s leading nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company, Pure Nutrition has extended its line of products into the Beauty segment with the launch of 4 new products aimed at improving skin and hair health.

The company, which operates in five different verticals viz. dietary supplements, superfoods, protein powder, pure herbal infusions and cold-pressed oils, is also offering products which tap into India’s beauty and personal care (BPC) industry and is estimated to be worth over USD 8 billion.

The newly-launched Beauty products include Vitamin E Skin Cream, Biotin Shampoo, Vitamin C Serum and Alovera Cream. The effectiveness of the natural ingredients used in these products has been well-established over the years in endowing the users with smooth, glowing skin and strong, lustrous hair. The anti-ageing properties of these products help in maintaining a youthful look for years.

Pure Nutrition’s range of beauty products currently includes Vitamin E Skin Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Alovera Cream, and Biotin Shampoo. The 100% natural Vitamin E Skin Cream hydrates and protects the skin. It contains the power of wheat germ and argan oils that aids in repairing and slowing down signs of ageing, heal acne scars, and support healthy collagen formation for maintaining an even skin tone. The secret behind one’s youthful and glowing skin, The Vitamin C Serum has the best anti-ageing and anti-pollution ingredients such as vitamin C and E extracts as well as glycerin, which aid in fading pigmentation, countering inflammatory skin conditions, plumping and hydrating the under-eye area, reducing blemishes and hyperpigmentation, and act potent UV-protectant. The Moisturizing Alovera Cream has olive oil, cocoa butter, and soy protein that work like magic on fine lines and help regain the elasticity in the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated for 72 hours and also has an anti-acne mechanism that reduces acne bacteria, inflammatory reactions, and suppresses excessive sebum secretion. It acts as a skin polisher, which helps the skin shine. Finally, for the foundation of perfect hair care routine Biotin Shampoo, promotes healthy growth of thick hair and prevents breakage by strengthening the hair quality from root to tip. It contains Aloe Vera, cucumber extracts, and provitamin B5. It is also sulphate and paraben-free.

Speaking about the launch, Sushil Khaitan, CEO and Director, Purenutrition.me said, “The beauty industry landscape in India has seen tremendous growth of products beyond traditional cosmetics, with products which promote long-lasting beauty from within now gaining popularity among urban Indians. There is a shift towards mental and physical well-being through the use of natural, organic, anti-fatigue, anti-pollution and anti-ageing products. We see a great opportunity for us in this space with our expertise in natural products which enhance health.”

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