Waka Coffee launches new line of Indian instant coffee


As demand for quality instant coffee keeps increasing, Waka Coffee continues to execute on its mission to reinvent the instant coffee category and launches a new product line online

US based Waka Coffee is one of the leading newcomers in the instant coffee category. Now, they are announcing the addition of Indian instant coffee to its offerings. The new Indian instant coffee comes in a single-serve SKU and a 3.5 oz bag SKU. The single-serve box includes eight 0.1 oz packets, which is ideal for enjoying a fresh cup of coffee on the go. The larger bag includes a bulk size of instant coffee, packaged in a resealable pouch and can be used at home or office settings. The new product is a light roast, low acidity coffee, with a pleasant, dry finish and notes of chocolate and hazelnut. It is now available for purchase on Waka’s website and will become available on all of its online channels by the end of this month.

Unlike traditional instant coffee brands, Waka’s instant coffees are made from 100% Arabica beans, which are commonly used in coffee shops, to provide the best taste. The beans are then freeze-dried to best preserve the coffee’s aroma and depth of flavor. To brew a delicious cup of Waka Coffee, all you need is to pour coffee granules into a mug, add 8-10 fl oz of water and stir for a few seconds. Their quality instant coffee dissolves right into your drink, leaving no cleanup or waste.

Founded in 2018, Waka Coffee is aimed to help more people experience coffee in an easier way, wherever they are. All of their instant coffees are made of 100% Arabica beans and freeze-dried to preserve the original beans’ taste and aroma. In addition, they donate 4% of their profits to charity: water to support clean drinking water initiatives around the world. In its first year of business, Waka Coffee was rated the best instant coffee by numerous publications and trusted by thousands of customers buying and subscribing to their products.

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