Alexa for Food Safety: Encouraging Young Minds to Eat Right

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FSSAI aims to build an ecosystem where food safety and hygiene are a subject of mainstream conversation among children and young adults

Hoping to reach out to the generation that is most affected by unsafe food, FSSAI has joined hands with the internet giant Amazon India. Together they have launched ‘Eat Right India Quiz’ on Alexa Skill Store. The Initiative has been launched as a part of FSSAI’s Eat Right India Campaign which aims to improve public health in the country.
In November 2019, the Central Government took a major step towards ensuring child health by imposing a ban on Junk Food and Packaged Foods high in fat, salt and sugar. The ban is supposed to be applicable in and around 50 meters of school campuses.
To further add to this initiative FSSAI in partnership with Amazon India’s Voice Assistant Alexa has launched the Eat Right India Quiz. With this step, the food regulator hopes to rope in and engage the young Alexa users. FSSAI aims to build an ecosystem where food safety and hygiene are a subject of mainstream conversation among children and young adults. To achieve this, the food regulator has decided to leverage technologies like virtual and augmented reality with which children and young adults are evidently familiar. The core idea was to start pulling in young minds towards practicing food safety and hygiene rather than pushing out the information.

FSSAI CEO, Pawan Agarwal explained the same as, “A key constituent of the ‘eat right’ campaign is towards children and to address this audience, there are a number of interventions that are based on pulling in these young minds, rather than pushing out content.”
He further elaborated on how the various programmes under this initiative will aim to reach Young Alexa users regularly and deliver healthy meal plans based on expert suggestions under eat right. 
Pawan Agarwal also said, “Millennials are more conscious about their diet. A lot of them live in villages but technology is closing the rural-urban divide. Virtually, they are in the same space as urban consumers and it’s aspirational for them to also eat right.”
Another parallel plan by FSSAI that’ll contribute to better child health involves working with schools to deliver meal plans based on eating right.

All of this will be recognized under FSSAI’s Eat Right India Campaign which is linked with concepts such as setting hygiene parameters for restaurants, hotels, street food vendors, sweet shops, cafeterias, etc. and spreading Food Safety awareness.
Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs

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