Health Horizons puts focus on Hemp protein powder

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One study has also shown that the amino acid profile of hemp protein powder is similar to that of egg whites and soy

As per a research conducted by the Exercise Metabolism Research Group (McMaster University, Canada), the appropriate protein requirement for an adult person is around 0.8 g per kg of the bodyweight. This means that if a person weighs around 68 kg, he/her must have approximately 55 g of protein daily in his or her diet.

In addition to this, individuals who exercise need more protein to keep up their bulk. So, any person who exercises regularly should have additional 1.4 to 2 g protein per kg of their body weight daily. This intake requirement is suggested by ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition). ISNN also suggests that the requirement is further higher for those who do regular resistance training with calorie cuts may require up to 3.1 g protein per kg of their bodyweight.

Keeping all these recommendations in mind and the fact that protein powders are a widely known supplement used by gym enthusiasts, body builders and athletes, the Delhi based start-up – the Health Horizons – recommends Hemp Protein Powder.

Kanisk Yadav, one of the founders and directors at the Health Horizons, expressed that hemp protein powder provides significant nutritional value besides being a decent additional source of protein. He says that as per the nutritionists on panel, those looking to build muscles or bulk up ought to take protein two hours after exercise for most extreme recuperation benefits.

The recommended dosage of hemp protein powder best for muscle building is 5 to 7 tablespoons. Every 1/4 th cup or 30 g serving of hemp protein powder contains 15 g of protein. Kanishk added that Hemp protein powder is made by crushing squeezed hemp seeds into a fine powder, and is gaining popularity amongst consumers as a trusted plant based source of protein. As far as its taste profile is concerned, it has a hearty, nutty taste and is frequently added to shakes or smoothies to support protein admission.

One study has also shown that the amino acid profile of hemp protein powder is similar to that of egg whites and soy, which makes hemp protein powder a worthy supplement for the vegans and vegetarians. In addition to this, while plant based protein are less digestible in comparison to animal based proteins, the protein composition in hemp protein powder is easily digestible to 91 – 98%; this can give vegetarians the much-needed push they need to bulk up as much as their non-vegetarian friends.

“Hemp is a top notch plant-based protein, containing heart-healthy unsaturated fats and every one of the nine fundamental amino acids, in addition to fiber, essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), vitamins, and minerals (particularly iron and magnesium),” articulated Kanishk.

“It is a comprehensive package, containing the essential nutrients that people must get for good health and exercise regime.”


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