Dr Chauhan receives Ayurveda Ratan Award in Brussels

Dr Partap Chauhan on Ayurveda Day in European Parliament

Ayurveda Day was first celebrated at the European Parliament on November 21, 2018

The All Party Parliament Group on Traditional Medicines organized a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium with the objective of devising a roadmap to legalize Ayurveda in Europe and to integrate it with their healthcare systems.

As a part of a distinguished group of Ayurveda luminaries, Dr. Partap Chauhan discussed with his European counterparts the key strengths of authentic Indian Ayurveda in resolving the world’s need for a holistic healthcare blueprint that could potentially reduce dependency on synthetic medicines by leveraging the body’s innate ability to heal itself, which by principle is the definition of Ayurveda.

At the event, Dr Chauhan emphasized on the need to encourage acceptance by legalizing the classical Indian health science in European nations. Dr. Partap Chauhan noted that until recently there was a lack of understanding and misconceptions in the West about Ayurveda’s potential and effectiveness.

He said, “The attitude towards Ayurveda in the Europe is undergoing a sea-change. The earlier scepticism has given way to curiosity and would soon lead to acceptance. There are many areas like mental health and chronic diseases for which modern medicine is found wanting but Ayurveda has an effective solution.”

In addition to the Indian Ambassador to European Union, Gaitri Kumar and Geoffrey Charles Van Orden, the British Conservative Member of European Parliament, the event was attended by members of the European Parliament, Ayurveda practitioners and enthusiasts, policy makers, academicians, and several representatives and delegates from EU nations and other major regions of the world.

Ayurveda Day was first celebrated at the European Parliament on November 21, 2018.



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