Akay Spiceuticals secures USA patent for flagship black cumin

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A number of preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated various health beneficial effects of Black cumin seeds and its oil

Kerala based AKAY, a 25 year old Indian company dedicated for spices and Indian herbals was awarded the patent for its black cumin ingredient (BlaQmax TM ), under the SPICEUTICALS ® brand. Nigella sativa commonly called ‘black cumin’ or ‘black seed’ has been widely utilized all over the world for the treatment of a variety of disorders. In traditional Arabic system of medicine, it is regarded as THE SEED OF BLESSING. A number of preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated various health beneficial effects of Black cumin seeds and its oil. Most of the therapeutic potential of black cumin oil has been dedicated to its
thymoquinone (TQ) content.

BlaQmax TM is the one and only CLEAN LABEL ingredient (PATENTED,US10485837) in the market place standardised to contain not less than 5% TQ and not less than 45% Linoleic acid in the free-flowing powder and oil form for a wide range of delivery forms. A solvent-free GREEN process of Supercritical/Cold press extraction techniques coupled with cutting-edge formulation technologies at AKAY R&D to produce TQ rich black cumin oil (1 to 10% w/w). A battery of biochemical studies (In vitro and In vivo) and a human clinical study in collaboration with Prof. Sibi Ittiyaverah at The School of Pharmacy, Mahathma Gandhi University, India could unravel the significance (Role) of TQ content for the therapeutic efficacy of Black cumin extracts. The collaboration led to the invention of a ‘unique’ and ‘safe’ composition of Black cumin oil suitable for managing anxiety, stress and sleep disorders with significant memory enhancement.

BlaQmax TM is the result of five years of dedicated R&D work, says the Chief Research Officer Dr. Krishnakumar IM at AKAY. Our early biological studies and literature survey indicated a clear role of TQ functionality for the functional benefits of Black cumin oil and extracts. So, we started our attempts to bring about the role of TQ content in anti-inflammatory effects and brain health functions and hence to derive an ‘optimised black cumin extract’. Many clinical studies in the past five years further proved the significance of TQ content for therapeutic efficacy. Most of the current supplements have no standardisation with respect to the efficacy markers and also lack evidences for the relevance of suggested dosage with safety and efficacy.That is where BlaQmax TM assumes significance. We could demonstrate the optimised dosage,safety and mechanism of action of BlaQmax® at just 100 to 200 mg/day softgels, he added.

Our preclinical studies (safety and efficacy in animal models, enhanced anti-inflammatory effects, influence on cytokines, receptor level interactions and effect on neurotransmitters) etc., are communicated for publication. These data illustrates our scientific approach and seriousness towards any new Spiceutical ingredient for market place, said Mr. Emmanuel Nambusseril, Chief Marketing Officer at AKAY. Human clinical trial employing Polysomnography will be published soon.

Each of our ingredients starts from a humble ‘kitchen spice’ generally recognised as safe (GRAS) with full-farm level traceability under our Nature to Nutraceuticals program, and the research turns them into unique SPICEUTICALS ® – clinically substantiated, dosage optimised bioavailable form. In this transition of SPICES to SPICEUTICALS ® , we collaborate with major institutes and universities and publish extensively in academic quality peer-reviewed journals with high Thomas-Reuters based impact factor and no publication fee. We have always given importance to develop GREEN ingredients, and BlaQmax TM is yet another example of our commitment to industry.

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