Neogen adapts blockchain technology for food safety

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To automate food safety workflows

US based food safety company Neogen Corporation has announced that it has entered into a partnership with food industry blockchain pioneer Ripe Technology ( to adapt innovative blockchain technology for use with Neogen’s food safety diagnostics and animal genomics.

Blockchain is a form of digital technology that “chains” together “blocks” of information in such a way that it creates a permanent, unalterable record. In the food and livestock industries, blockchain could be used to create the history of products and animals as they go through their entire production cycles.

The blockchain technology will be initially separate from Neogen’s recently announced Neogen Analytics platform; however, when fully integrated, the company believes the two technologies can form the basis for advanced data-driven decisions for its customers.

Neogen Analytics is an innovative platform that will enable Neogen customers to automate food safety workflows, and continuously monitor and analyze food risk data generated by the company’s food safety diagnostic products. By automating and connecting multiple data points through diagnostic testing in a production facility, the food safety data analytics platform enables food producers and processors to harness their data to create a holistic picture around areas of risk that can guide operational decisions.

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