Danish Food Innovation uses microalgae as protein source


The microalgae must be the world’s new superhero

A new Danish project called Microalgae for food can now with DKK 750,000 in co-financing from the Ministry of Education and Research via the Denmark based Food Innovation Network- Danish Food Innovation find out how we can use microalgae as a sustainable protein source.

According to recommendations from the National Bioeconomy Panel, we not only have an urgent need for more protein raw materials – but also raw materials based on sustainable production methods.

The microalgae has a gold profile when it comes to sustainability and nutrition. It produces large amounts of protein with a high content of essential amino acids plus healthy Ω-3 fats that completely beat the soy and pea protein. Its production has minimal nitrogen and CO 2 emissions and so requires almost no agricultural land for cultivation . Furthermore, water consumption is minimal and no pesticides are used as the algae are grown in a closed system.

In addition to the algae project, the following 5 projects have also been allocated funds:

  • The importance of the food matrix for protein digestibility
  • Measurement of quality and maturation processes for meat and fish
  • Insects such as food ingredients
  • Consumer Response Towards Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions 
  • Digital integration in SMEs ensures both high food security and efficiency through utilization of data

The projects will take place during the current year and the results of the projects are expected to be ready by the end of 2020.

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