Smart guidelines to boost immunity in kids

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The parent should encourage their kid with some good habits and take relevant steps to boost their immune system from a preliminary age

Children getting sick seem inevitable, however, the parent, are always trying to protect their kids from falls, bumps and wounds or even from runny noses, continuous colds, recurring flu, gastrointestinal bugs but they fall in the trap to persistent infections mainly due to their immature immune systems. 

The parent should encourage their kid with some good habits and take relevant steps to boost their immune system from a preliminary age. To enhance their child’s immune system safely and functionally, the following are some of the effective tools that will promote speedy healing and will give them amplified health.

Manage the stress level: The current impact that is happening is parents nowadays are burdened and children are over-scheduled which leads to unwanted stress level that majorly affects the child’s health. The child’s body produces an equal response to anxiety just like adults’ which leads to an increase in their levels of cortisol and adrenaline. While this rise in stress hormones is constant, the response of their immune systems’ is automatically lowered. Hence children need to have lots of downtimes, ample time for creative play and must receive ample rest. For the immune system to flourish, busy bodies must take frequent breaks. 

Safeguard your Child’s microbiota: One of the friendly and helpful microbes that naturally transpire in our guts is Probiotics. It protects our digestive tracts, aids us in digesting food, facilitates in the clearance of toxins and safeguards us from tackling various dangerous bacteria and diseases. When this bacterial stability gets disturbed in kids, we can witness changes in a child’s capability to repel off illnesses and infections.

Developing a nourishing diet: The child’s immune system gets affected when they are intaking too much of unhealthy processed food, additives, preservatives, and sugar. The most challenging part is when the child suffers from a food allergy, his or her digestion system tends to suffer, soreness tends to ramp up, which makes resisting off harmful viruses and microorganisms. On the other hand, sugar is one of the major factors to destroy immunity. It is important to ensure the limits of the consumption and replace it with healthy and nourishing foods like plenty of fresh veggies, whole fruits, seeds and nuts, legumes and proteins like cottage cheese, eggs, fish and meat.

Healthy sleep habits: As per the various studies, most of the children fail to get the proper amount of sleep. According to their age, children need within 10 and 14 hours of proper and quality amount of sleep every day. To get the proper appropriate flow of melatonin children should be made to sleep in the dark. Good sleep promotes enhanced immunity in children.

Sometimes fever is good for the immune system: At times, parents tend to worry a lot at the initial sign of an increase in body temperature on the thermometer but it is necessary to understand that fever is only a sign of and not an illness in itself. Fever is nothing your kid’s body’s response to contagion and without it, a child’s body is not as effective at combating the illness. The child’s immune system functions better at a high temperature too, so he or she can recover quickly. But it is also advisable to check with the paediatrician that fever is not an indication or any other ailment.

Germs and infections like cold and flu are very common in children but the above-mentioned smart guidelines will facilitate in condensing their number of unwell days by elevating their immunity levels in their body. 


Dr. Atish Laddad, Founder and Director, Docterz


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