Cargill implements projects to support cocoa producers

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Projects aim to improve the well-being of farmers and provide sustainable cocoa for the chocolate industry

Cargill, in partnership with the non-profit organization Imaflora, is implementing two projects to support cocoa producers in Pará, Brazil that are designed to increase their productivity through environmental conservation actions and good agricultural practices.

The projects are expected to help 150 families in São Felix do Xingu, who are part of the Cooperative Alternativa Mista dos Pequenos Produtores do Alto Xingu (CAMPPAX), by restoring approximately 740 acres of degraded farmland to increase and diversify revenues of farmers.

In addition, in Medicilândia, more than 50 producers will be trained on best-in-class cultivation techniques and efficient use of farming products to meet the standards of sustainable cocoa production. The initiatives are in line with Cargill’s global sustainability goals, focused on the economic and social prosperity of farmers and the protection of forests.

Imaflora is focused on strengthening the cocoa production chain, encouraging education and supporting public policies to combat illegal deforestation.

Cargill’s financial and management support is essential to strengthen the actions associated with the production chain and environmental sustainability. “We have been operating in São Felix do Xingu for ten years, and we see that these projects are very important for improving production conditions while restoring degraded areas, with the help of agriculture experts as resources,” says Eduardo Trevisan Gonçalves, project manager at Imaflora.

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