CII gives recommendations to food processing sector during crisis

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To help ease doing business in the wake of the outbreak of COVID -19

With the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID -19), nations across the globe are grappling to counter the threatening impact of the pandemic on the economic and regional stability of their respective territories.

Against this backdrop, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) attempts to identify some policy / regulatory measures, which would help ease doing business in the wake of the outbreak of COVID -19 pandemic and minimise the adverse effects on the health of the industry and economy.

Recoomendations for the Food Processing sector

  1. The Industry supports the Government in its endeavor to bring all possible protection to the citizens from further spread of COVID-19. We are strictly adhering to the health and safety guidelines that have been issued by the Government and sincerely appreciate the Government of India’s quick and proactive measures to contain the COVID crisis.
  2. Taking due cognizance of the guidelines, the industry has ensured the creation of an enabling environment by encouraging employees to work from home and adequate measures have been put in place, to screen employees/visitors to the offices/manufacturing facilities, besides providing other safety features including masks & sanitizers.
  3. It should be noted that in most plants a system of sanitary protocols are already built in and are being further augmented in view of the current situation.
  4. For the Food processing industry, the consumer and employee safety are of utmost importance and aligned to highest standards of safety and quality measures. It is important to note that citizens are depending on companies to keep supply chains secure, so food does not become a scarce resource.

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