MGP introduces ProTerra textured proteins

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ProTerra is especially suited for use in vegetarian/vegan applications

US based MGP Ingredients, a leading maker of plant-based proteins and starches, announces the ProTerra™ line of textured proteins.

ProTerra expands MGP’s offerings with a new textured pea option that joins its proven textured wheat series (formerly known as TruTex®), giving food formulators a range of choices ideal for almost any application.

ProTerra is especially suited for use in vegetarian/vegan applications as well as in blended products as an extension or partial substitute for meat.

“ProTerra proteins not only mimic the appearance and fibrous texture of meat, but their enhanced texture and mouthfeel are important attributes in products developed for consumers who desire the sensory attributes of meat in a plant-based option,” said Ody Maningat, Ph.D., chief science officer & vice president of R&D.

Now with a gluten-free option, ProTerra is produced from non-GMO sources and can be used in clean or simple label products. Reflecting its origin as “protein from the earth,” the ProTerra line is ideal for use in products aimed at the flexitarian/vegan/vegetarian/ markets.

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