Zomato launches contactless dining

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It will be done by eliminating the use of high-touch elements at restaurants

With an aim of curbing the spread of coronavirus and to minimise the customer’s contact with anything that someone else might have touched, Zomato has now launched ’Contactless Dining’

It will be done by eliminating the use of high-touch elements at restaurants. The idea is to focus on a full-stack tech enabled dining experience, with the least risk to safety and health.

The Contactless Dining will have the following components:

Contactless menu: Scan the QR code on the dining table to check out the menu. It will also provide the names of dishes and their pairing recommendations

Contactless ordering: Order food through the app. Any communication with the staff is eliminated

Contactless payment: Pay the bill via the app and leave the restaurant premises

Zomato is also adding safety features on the app where restaurants will be able to self-report safety and hygiene measures that they undertake.

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