Liposomal Oral Vit C treatment paves way for faster recovery


The Mirakle drink was administered to the patients at General Hospital, Cuddalore

With the global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) increasing at a rapid rate and claiming the lives of many, a study conducted at a hospital in Coimbatore has resulted in the successful treatment of those affected by administering Liposmal Oral Vitamin C Treatment to the patients in form on Mirakle drink.

As of today, there are no targeted antiviral medications and vaccines available to fight against the COVID-19 disease at present, therefore, the treatment strategy of symptomatic and supportive management is still the main treatment. Additionally, the high dose of vitamin C is recommended to use as an adjunct therapy to combat COVID-19 infection.

The focus of the treatment is on the Mitochondria of the body to enable the immunity of the person to handle the viral infection. The Mirakle drink enhances the functioning of the Mitochondria by making Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline available in a proper ratio within a nano-particle wrapped with Phospholipids.

Expressing his thoughts, Dr. Manickam Mahalingam – Chairman & Managing Director, ABT Group and Mirakle Wellness Clinic, said, It gives me immense pleasure to know that we have successfully managed to help the casualties of this pandemic receive a new lease to life. Through this study, we have not only managed to have a medical win, but also a personal win. Vitamin C has always been an immunity booster and we have used the standard protocol and definition of this to heal our patients. We look forward to reaching out to more of those affected through Mirakle and strongly believe that this is the road to recovery. We definitely want to reach out for those affected and hope to help and normalise our present scenario as soon as possible. While this pandemic has taken over the world by storm, it is our dire need to help the affected and bring them back to normal before getting used to the new normal. The focus of the treatment is to support the metabolism of the body to support itself and to fight against foreign viruses.”

Vitamin C was given for the two batches to the patients wherein 50 patients were given the standard batch which contains 500 mg of regular Vitamin C, and 50 other patients were given the treatment batch which contains 4 grams of palatable liposomal Vitamin C a day in form of Mirakle. At the end of three days, five days and the seventh day the patients were reviewed and the symptomatic improvement was noted in the treatment batch.

The patients were treated by giving highly nutritious food, which are rich in vitamins, protein and fibre, to boost the treatment process. The patients were also given high protein foods like boiled egg and Kala Chana Sundal were served in stipulated time intervals, as well.

In this scenario, while the expected rate of clearance is fourteen days, the treatment batch showed clearance even on the tenth day. Moreover, the clinical improvement in fever myalgia, rhinitis, throat pain and cough was observed even on the seventh day. The treatment with high dose liposomal Vitamin C is really useful when given with other drugs, as well. The dosage given was the minimum possible and with higher dosage we expect to see quicker results.

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