Bonn expands NU Health Range


This is the series of healthy breads which are vitamin enriched and are also boosted with herb and seeds

Bonn Group has launched their NU Health Range with an objective to introduce healthy eating habits among Indians who are increasingly falling prey to lifestyle diseases.

This is the series of healthy breads which are vitamin enriched and are also boosted with the goodness of herb and seeds. It also contains flax seeds, whole wheat and oat fibre.

The Bonn’s NUHealth range of breads –Herb & Seeds, Active Heart, Active Nutrition & Digestive Balance all of whom provide a mix of vitamins, protein, iron and a host of other nutrients for a balanced and healthy diet.

Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries said, “Bonn believes in persistent innovation and being the leaders in the Category, it is prime responsibility of the brand to keep striving for innovations and offer healthy and lifestyle products to their consumers. Today’s, consumer also needs something different and exclusive. Consumers are more evolved, health conscious and need nutritious foods to keep the lifestyle like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, immunity, vitamin/iron deficiencies at bay. So, NU Health is solution to these problems. It is a concept; not a product. Wealso want to encourage our patrons to follow a balanced life with fibre-rich diet and regular exercise with the launch of the new bread.”

Herb & Seeds Bread: In order to boost immune system to fight coronavirus pandemic, we have added essential ingredients like turmeric, black pepper, oregano, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Turmeric helps in regulating the immune system and quick healing. Oregano contains compounds like carvacrol and thymol that help boost the immune system, Black pepper has antioxidant properties, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of Omega-6 Fatty acids and sunflower seeds contain selenium which controls cell damage.

“The addition of this new variant of bread is one more step in the direction of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of enhancing the body’s natural defense system to fight against Covid-19. Afterall, good health is the harbinger of happiness. While there is still no cure for the disease, a lot of health experts are saying that a strong immune system could help because predominantly coronavirus is affecting those whose immunity is compromised be it elderly, infants or people suffering from co-morbidities, Mr Singh added.

The other range of NU Health breads helps in strengthening digestive tract and maintaining good intestinal health, thanks to high fibre content.

Active Nutrition: One serving of a multi-grain slice contains 69 calories and the bread is also very low on fat. The multigrain offering provides a rich source of vitamin, calcium, protein and iron. Every slice of this bread provides you with the right kind of nutrition for your body’s proper growth and development including high fibre content.  

Active Heart: This is fully loaded with the goodness of sunflower and pumpkin seeds which are packed with vitamins and Omega-6 and mono unsaturated fats. The seeds in this bread help you battle bad cholesterol, prevent hypertension and keep your heart healthy.

Digestive Balance: This contains oats and wheat fibre that helps in maintaining digestive balance. Oats fibre help in maintaining healthy bodyweight, lowering blood sugar level & also helps in relieving constipation.


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