DSM sets yield standard with new cheese cultures

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For boosting the yield and resource efficiency of mozzarella cheese production

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, announces the launch of its new Delvo®Cheese CP-500 cultures for boosting the yield and resource efficiency of mozzarella cheese production.

Capable of achieving a higher moisture content in mozzarella, the range increases yield by up to 1.3%, compared to the most commonly used Direct Vat Set (DVS) culture in the US.

These cultures also enable cheesemakers to deliver products with superior taste and texture that consumers will enjoy, and are ideal for creating mozzarella cheese for pizza, offering a mild buttery flavor, excellent stretch and melt behavior and reduced browning for an enhanced eating experience.

Commercial testing has shown that the DelvoCheese CP-500 range enables cheesemakers to overcome these challenges by increasing moisture content, offering the fast acidification expected by producers and a consistent performance in terms of texture – maximizing yield and improving the consumer pizza eating experience.

When combined with DSM’s Maxiren® XDS fermented chymosin coagulants, the range enhances yield further, allowing manufacturers to optimize raw material efficiency and achieve high whey quality.

Alongside the DelvoCheese CP-500 cultures, DSM’s expanding portfolio of solutions for mozzarella cheese includes DelvoCheese CP-120 cultures, and Fromase® XLG and Maxiren XDS coagulants. 

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